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Job Information

"I would love to stay here again.Create a space of hospitality that you can feel.

  • Beppu, an international tourist hot spring city visited by customers from all over the world.
    Attracted by the beautiful scenery wrapped in steam and the world-class hot spring culture,
    We operate more than 6 Japanese-style inns and business Hotel, mainly in Beppu City.

    While cherishing the charm and individuality of each inn and hotel,
    We strive every day to provide our customers with the best healing and hospitality.

    "I enjoyed staying at this Hotel."I want to stay at this ryokan again.”
    Would you like to create a space of hospitality that you can feel that way with us?

job introduction

  • lodging department(front desk staff)

    From welcoming you to seeing you off, you are the face of Hotel that comes into contact with you the most.
    We provide a service that is close to each customer.

    【Main business】
    General front counter operations
    ·Check In,Check-out confirmation
    ·Various settlement operations 
    ·Front desk work,Patrol in this facility
    ·Dealing with visitors 
    ·Telephone correspondence
    ·Reservation work, etc.

  • cooking department(Cooking/kitchen staff)

    Responsible for food preparation and menu development for guests.
    Dinner including gorgeous kaiseki cuisine and Beppu specialties, a breakfast buffet that will cheer you up,
    The menu is diverse, including seasonal desserts.

    【Main business】
    General cooking for Hotel and inns
    ·menu development, etc.
  • Food and beverage department(hall staff)

    Serving and serving customers at dining venues of inns and Hotel.
    We provide a space where customers can relax and enjoy their meals.

    【Main business】
    Serving meals and serving customers at dining venues in Hotel and inns
    ·table setting
    ·seat information
    ·Clean up, etc.
  • cleaning department(Makeup/cleaning staff)

    In order to make our guests feel comfortable,
    After checking out, we will clean the guest room and facilities in the facility.

    【Main business】
    General cleaning of inns and Hotel
    ·Room cleaning
    ·linen change
    ·bed make
    ·Confirmation, replacement, and replenishment of amenities
    ·Lobby,Cleaning of dining halls, etc.
  • Facility management department(Facility management staff)

    In order for our customers to be safe and comfortable in this facility,
    Responsible for facility management and maintenance.

    【Main business】
    General management and maintenance of facilities
    ·Create a repair plan
    ·Repair requests and meetings with external contractors
    ·Construction progress management, etc.